Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill has been released from custody and is no longer facing deportation, according a statement made by his attorney.

The diminutive Texan rapper was arrested this past May for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, but when a background check revealed that the Jamaican-born, green-card-carrying MC had three prior convictions, Bill was imprisoned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and threatened with deportation.

Though the proceedings and incarceration cost him an appearance with his fellow Geto Boys, who performed their classic "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" at the VH1 Hip hop Honors in June, Bill was finally released on Monday, and according to his attorney, is "back to being a lawful permanent resident of the United States."

Bill's misdemeanor charges are still pending, but it does not appear that he will face any further jail time.

Unfortunately, he will not likely be reuniting with former groupmates Willie D and Scarface again, however, as they are apparently not onboard with the new religious slant of his rhymes.

"I don't think any of them is interested," Bill said of recording a reunited Geto Boys album. "I've never got the vibe that they would do a gospel song. 'Cause when they talking about doing another Geto Boys album I said I would do it if I could rap like I'm rapping on my gospel album, I didn't get a whole lot of cosigning on that from all the political parties concerned."

Bill is currently hard at work on his upcoming Christian-themed album, 'The Road to Redemption.' He has yet to receive a trial date for his marijuana possession charge.

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