Bubba Sparxxx returns to his roots in the visual for ‘Made on McCosh Mill Road,’ the first single off his forthcoming album of the same name. The Boombox has the exclusive premiere of the effort.

The rapper, who made a name for himself in the early 2000s working with Timbaland on songs like 'Ugly' and Mr. Collipark with 'Ms. New Booty,' created ‘Made on McCosh Mill Road' as an ode to the road he grew up on in rural LaGrange, Ga. Bubba even shot the video at his family farm.

"The video depicts what I would call the perfect day for a country boy -- put in good work day on the farm, then knock off, build a fire, call some friends and pop the top on a cold one... then sleep, wake up and repeat the cycle. The simple, yet beautiful life. It was really awesome to be able to show people where, and how I really grew up, and for the most still live, as well. Not a similar place, but the actual place. Not in a similar way, but in this actual way," the 37-year-old tells The Boombox.

In the video, Bubba puts his hard work on full display, doing some manual labor on the farm. But there's fun and games to be had as well, as he kicks back with his crew to indulge in some after-work drinks.

The southern rhymer is excited for fans to embrace his new music. "Now, I'm back to being the Bubba my real fans fell in love with. Back to representing my country folks, and it feels damn good," he states. "I took a lot of time off from music, did a great deal of soul searching, and arrived at the conclusion that life is short, and precious... and I'm not going to waste time taking myself too seriously, or worrying about things beyond my control, at this point.

"It's getting warm again, and this is definitely a high-energy song people are going to want to play at parties, in clubs and out on the water this summer. From a creatively fun standpoint, this is my favorite album of mine, hands down. I can't wait for people to hear it. There was no better way to 'kick off' this project than this song and video."

‘Made on McCosh Hill Road’ arrives June 24 via eOne Music. Purchase the single through iTunes here.