Bruno Mars has already been known for writing music that's made for the bedroom. But on his latest track, 'Gorilla,' the crooner has decided to invite the vocals of some singers who are also known for putting sex appeal into a track.

Titled 'Gorilla G-Mix,' the 'Treasure' singer gets R. Kelly and Pharrell Williams on the track to make it steamier than it already is. Not only are there new voices, but there are also new lyrics. Pharrell kicks off the songs with, "It's 4 a-uh / And you are up gettin' f---ed up / And what a world / It is all girls I am in luck / Say hello to your sisters / Let's try some yoga / I'm yoda / Let's get it poppin' like soda."

The song then goes into Bruno's original verse and chorus. Kells fills in the second verse with "I'm like an anaconda in your garden / Baby girl I'm explorin' / Deep down in your forest like oh oh oh ah ah ah ah / Hey, we got it harder than an Amazon / Got your cheetah bra with your heels on / And I'm about to be the king of your jungle like oh oh oh ah ah ah ah."

Listen to Bruno Mars' 'Gorilla G-Mix' featuring Pharrell Williams and R. Kelly