Brian McKnight knows a thing or two about making mood-setting music, but he doesn't think Jay-Z is on that level.

The 'Back at One' singer recently spoke on his singing style and how it works better with slower, gentler music, noting that listeners trying to get in the mood are unlikely to throw on some of Hov's tunes.

"My voice lends itself to singing a slower song," he told AP. "I still believe when you want to get close to someone, it's my type of music you put on. I doubt if they're listening to Jay-Z at that moment -- not that there's anything wrong with Jay-Z. He's great."

Even though his vocals jive better with emotionally leaned arrangements, McKnight doesn't consider himself a modern day Romeo. "Unfortunately, I am the least romantic man ever," he admitted. "I'm a guy's guy. But I'm not sure most women would want that 'romantic' person 24 hours a day anyway. Too much of that would probably not be a good thing."

The R&B singer-songwriter is currently prepping the release of his new album 'Just Me,' dropping July 12. In anticipation of the LP's release, McKnight will hit the road on his 'Just Me' tour with openers Vivian Green and Avant. The North American journey kicks off on May 12 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Watch Brian McKnight's 'Goodbye My Love'
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