Lil Wayne has not been shy about his admiration for Brett Favre, and now it appears that love has been reciprocated by the Minnesota Vikings Quarterback. According to Young Money president Mack Maine, Favre has kept Weezy in his thoughts and prayers, as the incarcerated rapper finishes serving his one-year-sentence in New York's Rikers Island prison.

"Brett reached out, and he made sure I told Wayne that," Maine reported. "He said, 'Let [Wayne] know I been praying for him and send him my love.' So I let Wayne know that. He said, 'You just brightened my spirits up for the rest of the month.' He was real excited."

Earlier this year, Weezy, who collects Favre memorabilia, predicted that the Minnesota Vikings would win over his hometown New Orleans Saints in the NFL game that determined who would go to Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints ultimately won despite Weezy favoring Favre's team.

Wayne's highly-anticipated 'I'm Not a Human Being' EP will be released on September 27, about a month and some change before he is set to walk free from Rikers.

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