Brandy and Ray JDanyelle "C-Dove" Brown, the man claiming to be the brother of singing siblings Brandy and Ray J has taken a paternity test to prove his kinship.

Brown, who claims to be the son Willie Ray Norwood Sr., father of both Brandy and Ray J, took the test Saturday (May 22) in Atlanta. He reached out to his alleged father to also take the test but he never showed up. An aspiring rapper, he documented the process for his web show 'Unfinished Family Business,' a play on Brandy and Ray J's VH1 reality TV show 'A Family Business.'

The camera followed Brown as he entered the DNA testing facility. "I don't know if you really know but we planned for Mr. Norwood, which is my father, to come down and take DNA the test," Brown told the test administrator. "I'm here trying to do the righteous thing. I wanna show a lot of people that I came down. I took care of my business. Apparently, no show for him. If he cared about the situation he would be here." Since Norwood Sr. has not submitted his DNA sample, Brown's sample can be held at the testing facility until paternity is confirmed.

A father of three, Brown has yet to receive any response from his estranged family, although he did meet Ray J once. Brown's mother and Norwood Sr. are both from Greenwood, Miss. However, he was born in Chicago. The 35-year-old recently aired his grievances about being left out of the family particularly on their reality show and claims to want closure. No word yet on whether or not Norwood Sr. has plans of submitting a DNA sample for the test.