Brandy hopped on Twitter recently, to clear up pregnancy rumors. "Now I'm expecting a child? WOW!!! Please check out the story for your morning comedy.. lol. At In and Out...Wondering if I should get a double double since I'm eating for "two"... LMAO!!!" she wrote. "Girl, if you can get pregnant by holding hands then I'm definitely pregnant...LMAO." Congratulations![@4EverBrandy]

Looks like Chris Brown and Asher Roth will be collaborating on Brown's new album. "Me and Asher Roth are working together for my album!!!!" Brown tweeted, relaying the bad news. Why is this happening to us? [@ChrisBrown]

'Jersey Shore' newbie Deena recently coined the term "slaptard," which means exactly what it sounds like. "I was a complete slaptard the first night," she said. "I was, like, the biggest slaptard ever." She also created yet another word, this one a little more obscure. "This is horrible, but you know when you, like, meet a girl but her friend's hotter? You wanna get in with the hotter girl, so you kind of befriend the not-so-pretty girl?" According to Deena, "that girl" is your "stepstool...It's horrible...but, I mean, it's real life. It happens in real life." Does it? [MTV]