After debuting her new single, "Beggin & Pleadin" in an electrifying performance on BET's Black Girls Rock!, Brandy has dropped a new visual for the bluesy song.

The video matches the vintage vibe of the song as the 37-year-old singer does her best Shug Avery impression and struts her stuff in a juke joint. Donning a fire-red dress, Brandy takes the stage to flex her limber vocals. Her brother Ray J also makes a cameo in the video, which is directed by Mike Ho.

However, Brandy's new video comes at a bittersweet time for the multiplatinum singer as she is currently embroiled in an ugly legal battle with her label, Chameleon Entertainment Group, for $1 million.

As we previously reported, Breyon Prescott, who is employed by Epic Records, attempted to have Brandy sign a new recording and distribution contract with the label, which would allow his company to profit from the singer's acting and touring projects. There's even a petition on, in support of the singer.

“This petition is to stand as a united front by unapologetically advocating for the contractual freedom of Brandy; demanding that Breyon Prescott & Chameleon Entertainment release her. If you believe that Brandy should be free from this maliciously contrived contract and that she is a voice for our generation and imperative to our music soundscape, particularly to R&B PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. There is power in numbers! We will no longer remain silent.”

Despite the ongoing legal drama, Brandy appears to be in good spirits when she announced the video's arrival on Twitter on Friday (April 15). She tweeted:

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