Bow Wow's Twitter account has been hacked by a wannabe rapper with heavy, and confused, demands, including an order that Bow Wow's followers download his own music! Well, that's one way to expand your fan base.

The hacker took control of Bow Wow's, real name Shad Gregory Moss, account last night (Aug. 21), and proceeded to bombard Moss' 2.3 million followers with over a dozen messages, continuing into this morning.

"N----a i got Bow twitter on smash follow me... Im the haaacker this n---a got B---HES in his DM's. Bow u want pg back i want 10k," the hacker wrote. Is that $10,000 he wants? 10K Twitter followers?

"All you lil fans that's mad so be it. I want followers. Pick up my new mixtape 'the street code vol1 n---a got 2 mill followers ima promote," he ordered.

The hacker went on to expose the private content of Bow Wow's direct messages, tweeting, "Yoooo dis n---a got every bad b---h in da game hittn em. S--t not fair son! At all. Readn his dms."

In addition to lusting after Moss' female fans, the hacker became offended when his force-fed mixtape was met with harsh reviews. "People hate too much for me just dissing my mixtape. I'm 19 trying my hardest. I will tweet until I'm heard," he wrote to the rapper's "mean" and "childish" fans.

The hacker went on to reveal that he had received direct messages from Bow Wow's label, Universal Republic, prompting him to confess that he's a huge fan of the rapper whose account he hacked. You know, in hopes that that might smooth things over! "Boww0w I know you might be upset with me I'm a big fan of yours. I just want to be heard and make indiana proud. Pleeeeease help me man," he begged.

At this time, Bow Wow's account remains under the control of the hacker.

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