Bow Wow will be joining the 'Entourage' crew this fall, playing a comedian on the HBO series.

"I'm playing a character named Charlie who is an up-and-coming comedian, which is different for me, because I'm not really a comedian. But I can be a clown when I want to," the acting rapper said of his role.

Bow Wow, currently working on his forthcoming album 'Pedigree,' explained, "I wanted to bring the acting side to my music. When you see Bow Wow the musician, you see Bow Wow the actor. You'll be like, 'He's an entertaining little dude right here.' "

Besides his musical and acting ambitions, Bow Wow is also dabbling in directing. He said that editing videos on his MacBook is his main hobby and that he's "gotten better" at it, even directing his own video for 'Marco Polo,' the single that features Soulja Boy Tell Em.

"I'm having fun this year. A lot of opportunities are being thrown my way," Bow Wow said.