Just two months after making the surprising revelation that he has a baby daughter, Bow Wow has taken his pride in fatherhood one step further, with a tattoo of his offspring's name.

Though at first hesitant, the 24-year-old rapper-actor has embraced fatherhood, taking responsibility publicly for the child, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend, model Joie Chavez, and whom he credits with changing his life.

Chavez recently tweeted photos of daughter Shai, but Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, has gone one step further, tattooing her name on his wrist.

Bow Wow previously expressed his joy over finally being able to share the news of his daughter's birth with his fans via his blog, writing, "God gave me the illest gift of my life. No lambo, no blk card nuffn ammounts to my lil girl. I waited so long to tell yall the truth because i was nervous on how yall would look at me. Yall know everyone makes a big deal out of everything i do. I wanted to be 1st n let yall know."

Recently, Chavez discussed the vision for her daughter's future, in a post on GlobalGrind, saying, "I want my daughter to be as regular as possible. I don't want her to be sucked into this superficial life. I want her to have a real life," she wrote. "I want her to go to a regular school and do whatever she wants to do. I want her to forget any of that just because of who her father is. So everything I didn't see when I was growing up, I want her to see it."

Click here for photos of baby Shai and Bow Wow's daddy ink.

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