Bow WowBow Wow is currently being sued for missing two scheduled performances back in 2009. According to reports, a suit has been filed against Bow Wow in the Easter District Court of Missouri, for failing to appear at two shows in May and September of 2009.

The promoter, Brad Gould, of Macsimus Entertainment, alleges that Bow Wow was paid $50,000 to perform in the Family Arena in Saint Charles, Missouri on May 31, 2009, but was a no-show.

The rapper allegedly pocketed the money, then promised to make up the date by appearing at Gould's "Back 2 School Jam," a benefit for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, DARE, Youth in Need, the Rotary Club and several other local charities, scheduled to take place on September 5, but once again skipped out.

Gould claims he paid out another $43,000 promoting the benefit, and seeks the combined $93,000 he spent, including Bow Wow's pocketed fee. The rapper has yet to respond to the suit.