Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and Erica Mena ended their engagement in December 2015 but they are still sniping at each other on social media.

Recently, Moss called Mena a liar following her interview with DJ Vlad where she explains why she broke up with the rapper-actor.

“We broke up ‘cause I left. I left because, it’s no secret, I’ve been through a lot in my life,” she says. “Everyone has a different way of healing and dealing with things. I didn’t know how to mend those broken issues that I had from my past. It’s kind of hard being with someone who is more damaged than you are.”

Moss found the reality star's comments hilarious and praised her for her acting skills.

"This the funniest thing in the world right here," he wrote on his Instagram account. "This the best Robin Givens impersonation I've seen. Now I'm an actor, I can TELL when someone is ACTING. Give my ex fiancee an academy award."

After that, the pair started slamming each other on the 'Gram with Mena responding by calling out Moss for his own lies.

“But yet you live a lie,” she wrote on her IG page in reference to the rapper's comments that he won’t be voting in the presidential election because he’s biracial.

Moss responded back by singing along to Kamaiyah’s song “How Does it Feel?” and possibly implying that Mena is broke. In the caption he writes, “When that uhaul pulled up and I watched you go.”

Yes, the pettiness is on fleek between these two. It's also safe to say that Mena didn't sign Moss's non-disclosure agreements before they separated. We're just saying.

Hopefully, Shad Moss and Erica Mena can go their separate ways without continuing to berate each other on social media.

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