Several days before saying he wished he was dead on Twitter, Bow Wow had some advice for his fans- Twitter is not your personal diary! "We have so much going on that we just want to vent, so we tweet and for me it makes me feel better -- but then it's like damn, I forgot I have 700,00 followers," Bow explained. "I know we try to keep things a little private on Twitter, but even when protected tweets it still gets out. So we just have to remember that Twitter is not our personal diary." Whoops! [HipHopWired]

Everybody's favorite "singer" Ke$ha used to think everyone hated her. Imagine that! "I was under the assumption that everyone hated me, for a long time, and then I stopped going on the Internet. And since then, about six months ago, apparently people have started liking me. I have no idea why....I hope it continues, because I'm not innately a douche bag, I don't think -- maybe I am -- so hopefully people are starting to see that. I like to do stupid s--t sometimes, but I'm not mean or a douche." Hmmm. [MTV]