Bow  WowRecently-recruited Cash Money rapper Bow Wow has decided to go the independent route and manage himself, according to a recent post from his Twitter account.

"I'm firing all managers. I'm taking the Ray Allen approach," the rapper tweeted, in reference to the self-managed NBA player. "I'm managing myself. Who knows me better than me? I know this game very well." For some this might be a natural progression, given the hustle most young rappers must exhibit in order to gain a potential manager's interest, however Bow Wow has had management as long as he's been rapping.

The young MC, 22, was discovered by producer Jermaine Dupri at the age of 11, and released his first album, 'Beware of Dog' at the age or 13. He has since released five solo albums, with his newest 'The Transition to Shad Moss' coming in 2010. We'll see how his self-management goes. At the very least, he should fare better than when he was being managed by Eric Murphy on 'Entourage.'

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