Bow WowIn a recent interview for Ozone magazine's sex issue, former child star Bow Wow discussed his upbringing, having a stripper pole in his recording studio, why he's against paying for sex, and explained why he's so "successful with women."

Raised by his mother, Bow Wow claimed that he's never had problems relating to the fairer sex. "My father was never in my life, so I never had a man teach me game," explained the diminutive MC. "I got my game from a woman. I was raised by a woman and was in a house full of women at an early age. I figure that's the best way, because nobody knows a woman like a woman... I just asked her for advice and listened to her. So I guess that's why I'm so successful with women now."

On the road to maturity, Bow Wow claims to be done with dating "video vixens," and no longer keeps a stripper pole in his house. "Nah, not at this crib," he said. "But we got one at the studio [in Atlanta]. It hasn't been used too much recently because I moved to Miami."

The rumored Cash Money signee also denied paying for sex, a common activity amongst his fellow rappers. "I've never in my life paid a girl's bills or rent," Bow Wow stated. "I've never been a trick. Never. I think that's terrible. If you've got to do that, that means you're lacking and slacking in your conversation skills or you're not confident with yourself. Paying for sex is cheating. You get no respect from me if you do that."

Bow Wow is currently at work on his new album 'Who is Shad Moss?'

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