Bow Wow is breaking down why he chooses to use his Twitter page as a public diary, where he has vocalized his thoughts of suicide.

In an interview with Angie Ange on Washington D.C. radio station 93.9, the Cash Money rapper explained his feelings, likening himself to the main character in the film 'Richie Rich,' a wealthy child who wants nothing more than to be like everyone else. "It's similar with me, it's the same story, all I know is the business," he explained. "I ain't had time to go and play football and do none of the regular stuff. At times, it haunts you because of course you're going to be unbalanced."

"I'm unbalanced because I only seen one side of life," he continued. "I ain't seen the other side. It's not by choice, it's just how it is. Some days I wake up and I do want to just fit in sometimes. I didn't mean it [the tweet] like I wanted kill myself, it's like, 'Yo, I wonder, like, when will I get peace?" I guess when I'll get it, is when I'm dead."

Ironically, not long before tweeting about dying, Bow advised his followers not to use Twitter as a personal diary. This isn't the first time that the 23-year-old's tweets have made the news. Earlier this year, he refuted claims that he used the social networking site to solicit a woman for oral sex, which he later denied.

In the midst of all the tweeting, Bow is prepping the release of his Cash Money Records debut, 'Underrated.' The album's single 'Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You' features Chris Brown and just received the music video treatment. Look out for 'Underrated' in 2011.

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