Bow Wow may have let loose about being a father recently, but that's old news compared to what's going on in his new video for 'You Drinking Too Much,' a track off his forthcoming mixtape, 'Greenlight 4.'

The beat, which features a frenzied violin, suits the visuals well, as Wizzle, the rapper's alias, is cloaked in an eerie light throughout the video and rhymes about some of the subject matter muddling his mind.

"Got so much to talk about but I don't know where to start at/ Speaking in code 'cause they got my homey's phone tapped/ Ya n----- don't know about, ya'll go by what rumors say/ baby moms get paid every first, I know I can't be late / I'm still in love with Angela, you n--- are amateurs," Bow Wow raps.

The Ohio native, seemingly intoxicated in the clip, addressed inner and outer demons, which he went into detail about in an open letter to fans last week, speaking about his struggle with suicide as well as the mother of his daughter, Joie Chavis, who seems to have made an issue with him seeing his daughter at times.

Regardless of his personal matters being brought into the public light, Bow Wow promises his fans he'll "stay positive and keep maintaining long as i got yall i cant lose."