Bow WowHot on the heels of Bow Wow's claim that he's never paid for sex, recent allegations suggest the diminutive rapper has tried to solicit a woman for oral sex via Twitter.

Bow Wow had allegedly attempted to contact the girl via direct message, but instead sent the following update, "How much for some dome? How far are you from Richmond [VA]," to his 430,000 followers, one of whom saved the tweet as a screen capture.

Bow Wow has addressed the tweet in a statement, denying that any such message was sent.

"The tweet that was posted was Photo Shopped," Bow Wow said. "Just recently I did an interview on how I never pay for sex, so I guess someone felt the need to write some bogus tweet before my original tweet." In an attempt to further distance himself from the allegations, Bow Wow continued, "I've never done nothing to no one. I don't beef with n---as, I don't waste time blogging about people, I just make hit movies, and #1 records,"While Bow Wow claims he'd never send such a message, this past January he was caught busting a loose tweet about driving his Lamborghini drunk after spending New Years Eve with Chris Brown, a message he immediately deleted and apologized for.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow's new album, 'Who is Shad Moss?' has been pushed back, due to the leak of his lead single, "Cuff Ur Chick," featuring Drake and Fabolous. As yet, no release date has been announced.