Bow Wow has been pumping out new videos at a steady rate recently. First there was the gloomy visuals for 'You Drinking Too Much,' and now comes the clip for 'S--- On My Mind,' a track featured on his forthcoming 'Greenlight 4' mixtape.

In the video, which opens up with a shirtless Bow Wow walking through a yard littered with pallets, a wall featuring a list titled "Why do most of the people hate me" appears. Underneath, bullet points are given, with "They don't really know me," They're professional haters," "I don't do drugs" and "They judge past actions," to name a few, are displayed.

"I'm going out of my mine, I'm losin' my head/ Baby mama got me stressin', callin' askin' for bread/ See I'm just lookin' for peace, but I'm s--- out of luck/ Attitude is kinda crazy and I don't give a f---," he raps while throwback images of him as a pre-teen and explosions pop up on screen.

The rapper-turned-actor spits over the hi-hat-infused beat, detailing some of the woes he's had to deal with as of late, including that of the mother of his child, which he announced in an open letter to fans earlier this month.

Perhaps the troubles and worries Bow Wow's been experiencing recently is reason why he announced he would no longer be active on his Twitter account. "Since maf---as wanna be p----'s and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb f---s for it [sic]!" he tweeted on July 20.

'S--- On My Mind' will appear on 'Greenlight 4,' hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar, and released later this year. The mixtape is a prelude to his album, 'Underrated,' which makes its debut on Nov. 11.