Following Bow Wow's recent public confession that he fathered a daughter with ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis and a revealing interview with music mogul Russel Simmons about the matter, the mother of Bow Wow's child has revealed that she intentionally left the secretive dad's name off their daughter's birth certificate.

Apparently, Bow Wow's ex was so heated that the rapper was absent while she was giving birth, and for the entire week that followed, that she nixed his name from the baby's birth certificate all together.

Joie tells TMZ she was "shocked" that Bow Wow wasn't there by her side for her emergency C-section on April 27. She revealed that he finally showed up at the hospital the sixth day after the birth of daughter Shai to take Joie and the baby home.

But Joie isn't completely writing Bow Wow off as a dead beat dad. She admits she is now willing to forgive and forget, and put Bow Wow's name on the document. At this point, legal action is necessary to make that happen, and Bow Wow will need the help of a judge to get "Shad Gregory Moss" -- his given name -- on the certificate.

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