As they prepare to head out on their F.A.M.E. tour, Chris Brown and Bow Wow have linked up for a new track, '2 Young 2 Give a F---.'

Going back and forth over the guitar-powered Harmony production, Breezy and Bow Wow brag about babes, Bentleys and Benjamins, proving that, while they may be '2 Young 2 Give a F---,' they've come a long way since their 2006 collaboration 'Shorty Like Mine.'

"Got too many bars, you think I'm building a prison/ Anything that I sing is a hit, car collision/ How you got all that mouth and your heart is missing," Brown raps.

Check out the track below, and check Breezy and Bow Wow in a city near you, starting Oct. 5.

Watch Chris Brown and Bow Wow's '2 Young 2 Give a F---

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