Bone Thugs n Harmony

The inimitable Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are gearing up to release a new mixtape entitled 'FixTape Vol 3: Special Delivery' on Dec. 25. While this is a slight delay from the previously announced Dec. 22 date, the group hopes to use the extra three days to ensure the utmost quality for its large global fan base.

"We decided to release this project on the day that our fan family are celebrating a day of giving special deliveries to their loved ones: December 25, 2009," said Layzie Bone to in one of the more awkward album delay explanations we've heard this week. "Initially, we planned to released it on December 22, 2009 and we still are going to give them one song, but we want to give them our total gift on a much more meaningful day to them."

The mixtape serves as yet another preview for 'Uni5: The World's Enemy,' the new Bone Thugs album that features all five members of the group for the first time in years. When the group stopped by and chatted with The BoomBox for our Real Talk podcast in November, there was palpable chemistry among the members and they seemed fully poised for a big comeback attempt.

"It feels good to be back as a full family and team with my brothers after all the years apart from one another," explained Flesh-n-Bone to "We have been working at a steady and focused pace. One day at a time, one fan at a time, we are working hard to truly give the world a special delivery on March 2, 2010. Stay ready so you won't have to get ready."

While I'm still confused about all these special deliveries, it appears that Bone is back and that might be the best Christmas gift of all for the group's fans.