Bodega Bamz brings you into his world of corner stores and organized chaos in his new video for 'El-Rey.'

The video opens up with the Tanboys leader arriving to the bodega in a Chevy truck, as Dominican flags are waved and 40 ounces are tossed back. From there, he links up with his crew -- sipping on beer and scarfing down some tasty-looking chicken at the back of the store.

Later on, we find the Harlem, N.Y., native washing his money -- lots of it -- and drying the cash with an iron and then sitting amongst his Tanboy brothers as they bet money on a cock fight going down. The energy in the air is chaotic but Bamz sits back with a smile.

Overall, the video has a day-in-the-life kind of theme. There's nothing too over the top here but that doesn't make it boring or predictable. In fact, it contributes to his brand -- the rapper strays from too much glitz and gets right to the nitty gritty.

'El-Rey' will be featured on the rapper's new album, 'Sidewalk Exec.' "A sidewalk exec is the boss of the corner," he told MTV. "In this rap game, we already have the perspective of the hustler,we already got the perspective of the major player in the hood. But we never got the perspective of the connect. We never got the perspective of the dude who's supplying these other dudes... Because I'm Spanish dude, I'm Latin, in the hood they call me Papi  so I'm the connect in this rap game. Anything you need, I'm going to give it to you."

Bamz didn't say when the album would drop, but hopefully in early 2015, as we're eager to hear what his debut album will sound like since he served us with 'Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.' two years ago.

Watch Bodega Bamz Talk About His 'Sidewalk Exec' Album

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