Maya Rudolph's triumphant return to 'SNL' was a laugh-filled success, especially for her portrayal of R&B queen Beyonce Knowles. Alongside rapper-husband Jay-Z, played by Jay Pharoah, the two host a series of guests at the baby shower for their new daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

"Blue Ivy. Hova Junior. Ha.Ha.Ha. Yep!" Pharoah states in his deadly-accurate Jay-Z impression.

The first guest to arrive is Prince, who delivers a frightening smirk to the newborn hip-hop mogul. The skit continues on to be a showcase of the comedy hour's finest impressions from Kenan Thompson's LL Cool J to Kristin Wiig's silent-yet-smiling Taylor Swift.

However, it's the end of the skit that has people rolling with laughter. Justin Timberlake dons a balding cap to impersonate 2012 Best New Artist Grammy winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

Watch the whole skit below and tell us what you thought!

Watch Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby on 'SNL'

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Watch 'Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Carter Pictures'

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Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Carter Pictures

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