Ever since releasing the critically-acclaimed album 'Below the Heavens,' Blu has garnered fans from all over the world for his ability to craft visual rhymes over soulful production.

And with his new double album, 'Good to Be Home,' arriving May 20, those same fans are curious to see what the Los Angeles rapper has been cooking up for the past year.

To wet their appetites, Blu delivers his new single 'The Return,' where he spits about living on the West Coast, but avoiding gang life. And he rhymes over a chopped-up string sample that complements his nasal flow perfectly.

"What you do when your name's Blu / And you run into a Crip a Cholo or Piru / And everybody wanna know on the coast what set you claim / All my life I had the name but never banged," confesses the talented spitter.

The track is produced by Bombay, and the song itself should satisfy Blu's core fan base. If you're still looking for a 'Below the Heavens' sound, you'll be a little disappointed, because it doesn't seem like the 31-year-old rapper wants to use those easily digestible traks anymore.

Nonetheless, 'The Return' still bangs.

Listen to Blu's 'The Return'