Christmas is around the corner, so get ready to hear your favorite yuletide ditties play ad nauseam at your local Starbucks. Indie rap heroes Blu & Exile have added a new entry to the holiday canon with “Christmas Missed Us.”

The song is not your usual cheerful yuletide ditty, instead it’s an introspective, head-nodding banger with Blu exploring the true meaning of the Christmas as it relates to the soul.

"I wonder why Christmas missed us where missiles blow instead of kisses under a mistletoe / I wonder will an American greed take me under / Or will I give to people in need and feed the hunger," raps Blu as he ponders if the holidays are about giving back or commercialism.

"Some wake up on Christmas and they don't have a penny / Some don't believe in Christmas and some don't get any / So be grateful / Thankful that you got a plateful 'cause everybody ain't that able," Blu closes out on the song.

Meanwhile, Exile recites Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" line, "No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us" on the hook to bring home the point.

Blu & Exile's "Christmas Missed Us" will appear on the Amazon Music compilation, Christmas Soul. The 25-track playlist features a variety of new holiday songs from indie rappers MC Open Mike Eagle and Blu & Exile, R&B singer Dawn Richard, soul artists Don Bryant and Ural Thomas and producer-musician Adrian Younge, among many others.

Christmas Soul will be available exclusively for streaming on Amazon Music beginning Nov. 24.

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