'Boyz II Men' wasn't a bad track by any measure, but it also wasn't the soulful harmony many might have been hoping to hear from Blu and Nottz's upcoming collaborative EP, 'Gods in the Spirit' (maybe we're just romanticizing about 'Below the Heavens' too much).

Thankfully, that's exactly what you're getting on the second single off the project, 'End of the World.' Here, the legendary Virginia producer smooths out his crispy drums with stabbing synths and glittering chimes, which proves to be the perfect backdrop to Blu's tender rhymes: "Three hundred sixty billion trillion miles away from home / I heard her heartbeat then decided I should make a song."

Ohio crooner Rashad, who's behind some of Stalley's finest work, ties it all together with some seriously angelic singing.

'Gods in the Spirit' arrives Oct. 22 via Coalmine Records.

Listen to Blu & Nottz's 'End of the World' Feat. Rashad

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