Black Rob set the record straight about his recent four-year bid for robbery. "They ain't catch me with no lady's purse, man. Let me tell you something, first of all, [that] hotel I was in, it cost $500-a-night to even be in the hotel, to even get to a room... So, I paid to be in the hotel. So I had money, [but] I just got beside myself and wanted to take more money. And you got some dudes out here that's like that. I'm one of 'em. But all that's out the window, all that's done. They got four years outta me. They straightened me up. I'm good. Y'all won." That's whoa. [HipHopDX]

Actor Russell Brand discussed addiction recently, revisiting old habits on the set of his new film, 'Get Him to the Greek.' "Say that when you were a child, there was a time where someone stood in front of you and strangled a kitten, then you had to do a film in which there's a scene where somebody strangles a kitten. You'd definitely remember the childhood time when that kitten-strangling happened, which would make you more authentic in the film," he told MTV. "But when you go home, you'll say, 'Oh, that poor kitten.' ['Get Him to the Greek'] was a bit like that, except there were no kittens strangled in the making of this film. Well, there was one." When does this guy do his funny jokes, though? [MTV]

So, Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing a prostitute in a new TV show on the Lifetime channel. "My mom's like, 'I'm so proud. You're pole dancing and you're going to play a prostitute. Awesome!' It's like, 'Yeah, what you always dreamed about, mama!' But you know, it's a great part. ... [Pole-dancing] really, really gets you in shape [and] it also really teaches you about your inner sexuality." Yeah, if the inner you is a...hooker. [HuffingtonPost]

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