After serving four years for grand larceny, former Bad Boy rapper Black Rob has finally been released from prison, and predictably, he's none-too-happy with his former label-owner Diddy. While Rob -- best known for his Buckwild-produced single 'Whoa' -- was away, Diddy flourished, launching several extremely successful brands, including Ciroc Vodka.

Much like fellow Bad Boy artist-turned-inmate Shyne, in a recent interview, Rob claimed that he received very little support from the hip-hop mogul during his lengthy incarceration, while more popular artists clearly enjoyed the benefit of Diddy's attentions; just last week Lil Wayne received a high-profile hour-long visit.

"I'm from the streets so if you tell me you love me and you tell me you my man, I'm going to take that and run with that, feel me?" Rob said. "When something happens to me and you turn your back on me, regardless of the situation, regardless of what we been through, I mean I don't appreciate that...I don't respect that. If you my man, I'm going to always be your man unless you flip on me. I was under the assumption that I was family."

Though Diddy "turned his back" on Rob while he was away, Rob said that his Bad Boy-affiliation still garnered him his share of fans. "You had people in there man who felt like groupies every time they said hi to me," Rob told BET. "'Why you saying hi to him? You're a groupie.' You got certain brothers man, real dudes got pride. They're going to approach me regardless. 'What's up man? How are you doing?' Basically me, I had a couple of problems. But it never resulted into anything physical."

Black Rob is no longer signed to Bad Boy, and he made a point of saying that he places no blame on the label for his incarceration. "I don't want to retaliate and I don't want to make any records about Bad Boy," Rob said.

There is no word yet as to whether he will continue his career as an MC.

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