Prison did more for Lil Wayne than provide eight months of reflection time and solitude, it apparently also made him hungrier on the mic. According to Brian "Birdman" Williams, Weezy has a whole new approach to rapping, as he lays down lyrics for his upcoming 'Tha Carter IV' album.

"He brings a different swagger when he steps in the room," Birdman told The BoomBox. He is the definition of hard work. Doing time played a major part [in his rapping]. It gives us a different outlook as a team. He's rapping better than ever before -- it's magic. It's a different energy, its like we feel brand new again."

Wayne is expected to drop a new single off 'The Carter IV' in the next couple of weeks, and has been recording music for follow-up albums all at the same time. "Everybody knows Wayne's home so you know how this s--- is going down. He's been gone and he's back so it just feels different but it's a good feeling. When I watch him work, it just feels like we just started this s---. That's always been our motivation anyway, to stay fresh."

Just days after his release, Wayne put in some serious work in the studio, with a reported 15-hour marathon session. The 28-year-old also spit on the remix to Birdman's single 'Fire Flame,' off his upcoming 'Bigger Than Life' album. The duo will also drop their 'Like Father, Like Son 2' joint album around Father's Day of 2011. On the solo tip, Wayne is expected to possibly release a new mixtape soon while 'The Carter IV' is slated to drop in early 2011.

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