Just a few hours after we shared a preview of Angie Martinez's sit-down interview with Birdman, the Power 105 radio personality revealed clips from her two-day chat with the Cash Money Records leader. Just as the preview showcased, the sound bytes were focused on Lil Wayne and their ongoing issues -- both personal and professional.

Despite Wayne's Twitter rant earlier this year, sounding off on the delayed release of his Tha Carter V album, and the lawsuit he threw on Cash Money Records, Birdman sounded calm while addressing their current beef -- he even came across as hurt by the whole ordeal. Birdman repeatedly referred to Tunechi as "his son," which made this seem more of a family quarrel than a multi-million-dollar legal battle.

"It was shocking to everybody," the 46-year-old tells Angie. "No one's ever said nothing ever about me -- in no lifetime. You never thought Wayne would be saying nothing negative about me in no lifetime. I never thought that could ever happen -- for that man to open his mouth and say something negative about me. I love my son. He mean the world to me. For that man to say something negative about me, that affected my life.”

Birdman claims that him and Wayne have still not spoken to each other about being at odds. "I don't say nothing," he states, revealing that his and Wayne's studios are right beside one another in the same location. "Sometimes I go over there and listen to his music... But I do go over there and check on him."

The New Orleans native also adds, "I just feel like the studio ain't the place for that. I see him every night at the studio. I feel in due time we're going to do that. My son respect me enough when I call him that I'm about to pull up, he going to open that gate and that house and we're going to talk. I know he's traveling. I know his schedule. He's not in town a lot. He's gone a lot. So I'm going to wait for the proper time that me and him could get together and we're going to do that."

Drake and Nicki Minaj are even part of the conversation. "You'll never hear nothing out [of] their mouths that is negative about either [Lil Wayne or me]. Both of us blessed their lives. No matter what happens, Nicki and Drake aren't going nowhere."

While Birdman continues to talk about his love for Wayne, Angie had to bring up the incident regarding water bottles being thrown at the "Love Me" rapper during his set at Miami's Club LIV on July 12. While Birdman wasn't accused of actually hurling the bottle at "his son," rumors are that his entourage did it for him, which he fully denies.

"That was a disrespect towards him," he says. "That s--- got checked ASAP. I'm not going to let that happen to my family. They know what Wayne mean to me. They know what I mean to him. That's my son."

And finally when Angie brings up the indictment that cites Birdman as a co-conspirator in the tour bus shooting that happened in April, he shoots it down right away. "That's the craziest s--- I heard in my life," Birdman discloses. "I'm passionate about my family, my kids, my life. Nothing means more to me. I was born without parents in a border house... That's crazy for you to think that. I ain't trippin' you trippin'. Y'all trippin'. You know how I am about Wayne. You know the love I show him. I love him. That's my son."

Regardless of what Birdman says, rumors are still circulating that he's part of the mess. However, he claims that he doesn't get caught up in any of it: "There ain't no indictment on me. I don't know the reality on that."

The sound bytes end with Birdman expressing his concern for everyone's safety, especially Lil Wayne. "I worry about everyone in the game because it gets gangster sometimes," the Big Tymers member shares. "Hip-hop gets gangster sometimes. It come to you and around to you. This s--- gets vile sometimes. We gotta get ready for it."

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