Big Boi brings his supporters on a behind-the-scenes trip during his Northern European tour in partnership with Crown Royal Black Whiskey. The 12-minute short film includes a moment when "tragedy strikes" -- all bags are lost -- and includes a guest appearance from Mumford & Sons and DJ Quik as he performs at Glastonbury and the Hove festival in Norway.

The OutKast rapper and his troupe of equally silly yucksters cruise around a Norwegian shopping mall in search of clothes for his set that night and toast to the "Crown Life" in Budapest on a rare day off.

"Since I was a young child, when I was 16, I've been an international player and I don't know how to do s--- else. You got to get out here and see the world... it's Crown Life over hear for sure," Big Boi explains in the film.

'The Crown Life' is a campaign designed to highlight life's 'crowning moments' with musicians, designers, and filmmakers. Check out Big B. in Europe, sipping on the brand's black whiskey below.

Watch Big Boi's 'The Crown Life'

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Learn About the History of Rap

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