In celebration of his current Crown Royal partnership, Big Boi will host a "secret" event in Chicago in June, as part of the 'The Crown Life' soiree series.

At the private event, Big Boi will screen 'The Crown Life' and treat guests to goodies from his Crown Royal Black bag. The 10-minute documentary, available for viewing after the jump, was released online last week. Filmed earlier this year, it candidly follows Daddy Fat Sax around the studio to concerts and the supermarket where he tries to pick up ladies.

During a January launch event for the Crown Royal partnership in New York City, Big Boi explained his reasons for linking up with the liquor brand. "I chose it for the simple fact [that] my grandfather used to drink it," he told the BoomBox. "One of my earliest memories of Crown Royal is the purple bag with the gold writing on it. My granddaddy used to have about $100 worth of change in there ... me and my brothers and my cousins used to go and get the change and take it to the candy lady," he continued. "Once I got a little older and got the history of the drink and that it was tailor made to royalty, that was right up my alley."

Big Boi's 'The Crown Life' event is scheduled to take place at 10PM on Wednesday June 8 at an undisclosed location. While rumors surfaced that the rapper would perform, no show was scheduled and he did not cancel on the performance in question. Fans interested in attending the event he's hosting can text "Big Boi" to 313131 in order to RSVP.

The ATL rapper released his debut album 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty' in July 2010 and recently revealed that he was in the studio recording music with indie-rock group Modest Mouse.

Watch Big Boi's 'The Crown Life' Documentary