Some of Atlanta's finest rappers are getting ready to stand up. A recent report by Maurice Garland brought an interesting tidbit for fans of collaborative rap albums: Big Boi, Killer Mike (aka Mike Bigga) and Pill are all recording together and working on a record.

"I was hanging at Stankonia tonight chopping it up with these three," wrote Garland over the weekend. "After a night of Black n Milds, rum, vodka and good music ... they told me they were working on a new album together. None of these cats have gave me false info before so take this as the stone cold truth. They said they have about a months worth of material ready to go so stay tuned."

While both Big Boi and Mike Bigga are surely Georgia legends at this point, Pill is still a relatively new addition to the fold. The 'Trap Goin' Ham' rapper recently inked a deal with Rick Ross and his Maybach Music imprint to create new material.

The news also creates yet another anticipated collaborative hip-hop album for 2011. Jay-Z and Kanye West are currently working towards completion on 'Watch The Throne,' while Eminem's efforts with Dr. Dre are 'Detox' into something more poppy than we would have ever imagined.

Watch Killer Mike's 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' feat. Big Boi
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