Big Boi is getting ready to release his new album, 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty,' on July 6, but in the meantime the rapper and producer has been spending time at his home with his most prized possession: his sneaker collection.

"I guess I've been collecting them probably as long as I've been rapping," Big Boi says while giving the BoomBox a tour of his massive sneaker room. He then talks about his second job working at Foot Locker in Atlanta where he was falsely accused of trying to steal a pair of kicks. Now, amidst hundreds of rare, limited edition shoes, Big Boi is getting the last laugh.

What's behind his affinity for shoes? "Basically it's just about fresh; a little sneaker fetish," he says. "Just stay fresh on the foot -- you never know what's going to happen." Check out all of Big Boi's Air Force Ones, Air Jordans and more in our exclusive video after the jump.