Whether it's causing a smile or tears, R&B songs always bring the heart a sense of joy or sadness. The videos that illustrate those stories are no different. So it was no surprise that 2014 brought an array of creative clips that sparked endless waves of emotion. From the cinematic stories that Tiara Thomas and Sam Smith created with their dramatic mini-movies to the cautionary messages that John Legend and August Alsina embedded throughout their videos, the last 12 months have delivered incredible visuals that go beyond what we could imagine. Check out our picks for the Best R&B Videos of 2014.

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    'Come Back'


    Yuna shows us that color can really affect your mood -- for the better -- in her video for 'Come Back.' Directed by Adam Patch, the effort starts off with the singer delivering her lyrics in an all-white room, which slowly starts to burst with color. And as the white is replaced with brighter hues, the song's tempo starts to pick up, and we're instantly feeling good. 'Come Back' is a single off Yuna's 'Nocturnal' album.

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    The Weeknd

    The Weeknd brings bump and grind music to a new level with 'Often,' and the video does much of the same with its sensual scenery. A bra thrown around the room, a topless woman sleeping on a bed and the singer being lead down a set of stairs by a blonde beauty indicate there is a whole lot of sexing going on. The Weeknd lounges around the hotel room and serenades his female companions (as well as us) with the many ways he satisfies, which makes you want to grab a cold shower.

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    'One Night'

    Tiara Thomas

    Tiara Thomas gets suited up to rob a bank in her video for 'One Night.' Inspired by the 1996 film, 'Set It Off,' the clip finds the singer and her crew taking all the money they can while looking sexy in their illegal endeavors. The elaborate scheme unfolds from Tiara wining and dining the bank teller to taking him hostage when the drama erupts, making for one entertaining video. This story has a surprisingly happy ending.

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    'F**k It All'

    Elle Varner

    What do you do when you find out your man's cheating on you? In Elle Varner's video for 'F**k It All,' she shows us one way to handle it. While her actions are a bit extreme, the passion and the acting chops from Elle are pretty solid, making us really believe that her man is dead wrong for creeping. While she tries to keep her cool during their getaway, the songstress can't hold back on her anger and does something pretty drastic, which earns a spot on this list as one of the best videos this year.

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    Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea

    2014 gave so many props to the derriere that we couldn't ignore it, but Jennifer Lopez took it a step further with her video for the remix of 'Booty.' Enlisting Iggy Azalea, the two ladies don high-cut bathing suits, giving us a perfect view of their legs and their bums. Between JLo's sultry and skilled moves as well as the hand play between the two artists, it's no wonder that the visual has already garnered over 82 million views.

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    'Two Weeks'

    FKA Twigs

    Over the past year, FKA twigs has shown us her eccentric side. This is a woman who definitely has a creative vision like no other. Just take a look at the artwork for her debut album, 'LP1.' The British singer continues to express herself -- with many versions of herself -- in the visual for 'Two Weeks.' Filmed in one continuous shot, the Nabil Elderkin-directed effort presents Twigs in more than one role. Aside from being the queen of this ancient kingdom, she also puts her classical dance training to use as she portrays the servants.

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    'I'm Not the Only One'

    Sam Smith

    Sam Smith likes a little drama in his music. So it only makes sense that he take the cinematic route for his heartbreaking song, 'I'm Not the Only One.' With Dianna Argon of 'Glee' and 'The Mindy Project' star Chris Messina cast as the couple on the rocks, the 'Revolutionary Road'-inspired video will make you want grab some Kleenex.

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    'You & I (Nobody in the World)'

    John Legend

    While John Legend intended 'You & I (Nobody in the World)' to be one of many musical tributes to his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, the video tells a different story as the balladeer celebrates women from all walks of life. The visual showcases ladies of varying ages, sizes and shapes and how they view themselves in the mirror. Some experience high points while others deal with hardship. Chrissy makes an appearance, as well as Tatyana Ali and Laverne Fox from 'Orange Is the New Black.' The theme here: love the skin you're in.

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    'Pretty Hurts'


    Ever wonder what goes through the minds of beauty queens? Beyonce takes on the mindset of a competition star and brings us into the darker side of the pageant world. Set in the middle of a competition, the R&B chanteuse details all of the things she has to do to keep her "ideal beauty" in check, including going under the knife. By the end of it all, Bey can't handle the pressure and tears up her room of trophies. The visual confronts beauty expectations head-on and serves as a PSA for women to look within rather than focus on the surface.

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    August Alsina Feat. Pusha T

    August Alsina isn't one to censor himself so when he had the opportunity to turn 'FML' into a video, the crooner tackled depression and suicide by creating one of the more graphic videos we've seen this year. This is certainly not the easiest visual to watch, but we thank him for shedding a light on suicide, which is an issue that continues to be swept under the rug. And for that reason, we put August's video as the best R&B video of 2014.

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