Belly delivers a new video, "Ballerina," to continue the celebrated success of his latest album, Another Day in Paradise.

Reflective of its sultry beat, "Ballerina" depicts a woman who feels trapped as she carries on a double life, dancing her way through two different worlds: one as a ballerina and one as a stripper. The music starts off slow as viewers are introduced to the story's female protagonist, who seems to spend her days in a ballet studio, but the moment the production supplements the beat with a heavy and seductive bass line the dancer's scenario changes and viewers are now watching her twirl around gracefully in a cabaret.

Before breaking into the chorus, Belly says, "You call her a stripper, that's my ballerina." Then he says, "Let me see you dance, dance, dance, dance, dance/Do a handstand, dance, dance, dance, dance." As quickly as the verbal depiction of his character's story changes, so do the images of her dancing back and forth between the strip club and the ballet studio.

The visuals are quite poetic as they captivate and tantalize with a beautiful woman moving to an ill beat. Then, her story tragically comes to an end as it mimics elements of Natalie Portman's final moments in Black Swan.

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