Belly and Travis Scott are immersed in women and colorful lights in the new video for "White Girls," off the Canadian rapper's Inzombia mixtape. Right away, things get cooking with Scott belting out the hook while he stands in front of an all red background.

From there, Belly spits his verse while sitting on some illuminated steps and besides the lovely ladies, all of the colors that are used are the clip's dopest feature. Very creatively, director David Camarena makes the video go from red to blue, blue to purple, while showing quick flashes of black and white images.

On another note, Belly's career has been on a nice upward trajectory lately, as he's already worked with artists like Future, Ty Dolla $ign and Jadakiss, but he's also penned songs for other artists as well.

"I stepped back, started doing songwriting and various business ventures down the line," he told XXL. Songwriting is cool. You kind of see what everybody wants and what everybody is f------ with. It got to a point I just started keeping all my sh-- and putting it out and here we are."

You can watch the "White Girls" video above.

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