Beanie Sigel Former Roc-A-Fella artist and Jay-Z protege Beanie Sigel has had an interesting year. Though Beans was involved with several drug-related arrests, the Philadelphia rapper came out of his quiet spell swinging, throwing shots at his former mentor in several diss records, which Jay completely ignored.

Things got more interesting when 50 Cent jumped in. 50 threatened to sign Beans to G-Unit and appeared on the hook of Bean's Jay-Z diss track, 'I Go Off.' Though 50 seemed to be, for all intents and purposes, alligned with Beans, once his album dropped -- and flopped -- their alliance dissolved.

Beans discussed their relationship recently with the Source, explaining that he felt no ill will towards 50 for using Beanie's Jay-Z attacks to stir up attention for his own album, 'Before I Self Destruct.'

"If 50 Cent is using Beans to do what he's going to do, that's cool," said Sigel. "But at the same time, Beans is using 50 Cent to do what I need to be done. So at the end of the day we use each other, but we don't misuse each other."Though the rappers may have mutually "used" one another, 50 still has a record deal.

For those on the lookout for more Beanie Sigel material, Siccness Records, the label which released his last street album 'Broad Street Bully,' is putting out 'Roc Boys.' The album features unreleased Beanie/Freeway collaborations and State Property tracks and is slated for a Feb. 23 release. Rumored guests include Wale, Young Chris and Wale.