Beanie Sigel Philly rapper Beanie Sigel has recently been waging a one-sided war against former mentor and label president Jay-Z. In an apparent bid to rebuild his buzz after a lengthy hiatus, Sigel has released two Jay-Z diss tracks in the past month alone. This weekend Beans dropped the second freestyle over Cypress Hill's 'How I Could Just Kill a Man' beat, which he creatively titled 'How I Could Kill Jigga Man.'

"Take over n----, the break's over/Fraud MC, he Jay Hova," Sigel begins, in tribute to Jay's legendary Nas/Mobb Deep diss, 'Takeover.'

"You ain't gonna say nothing boy?" Sigel spits at the song's end, baiting his former mentor. "Damn, I thought you was the boy, boy. You ain't nothing but a boy, boy boy. I ain't gonna stop boy."

In an upcoming Hip-Hop Weekly cover story, Beans continues to taunt his nemesis, comparing him not to "a snake," and claiming that Jay sought to impede his career by refusing to allow him to collaborate with other artists. He also said Jay was throwing hidden disses towards his old crew on his latest effort.

"When I listened to 'Blueprint 3' it really hurt me to hear the subliminal shot on the album that Jay was taking at me, Peedi, and everyone at State Property," Sigel explained. Beans now claims to be in negotiations with G-Unit, after he and 50 Cent collaborated on Sigel's most recent single, 'I Go Off,' the first track to take a shot at Jay. Sigel says his upcoming sixth album will continue to explore his relationship with Hova, and the foulness that went on at Roc-A-Fella. What a concept.

Check out Beans' "How I Could Kill Jigga Man" here.