B.o.B has been going hard on the music front all year, having released four different projects for his fans, but now he's ending 2016 with a new album. The MC dropped his new LP, Elements, last week, which consists of tracks off of his four previous mixtapes, EARTHFIREWATER, and AIR.

The Atlanta rapper just released a brand new set of visuals for his album's "Air Bender" track for his loyal fan base to enjoy, which pays homage to the culture of China. As B.o.B dresses up as a ninja, showing off some serious moves, the video also features some skin-bearing women who flaunt their extravagant ink game while donning some chopstick-infused hairstyles.

The visuals are directed by Five Points Baker, who brings viewers through a full journey into Chinese culture, including an ending scene of B.o.B. dressed as an elder ninja master. It's not surprising to longtime fans of the rapper, as he has a history of exploring other cultures, religions, and philosophical viewpoints for his own music.

Watch the brand new visuals for the rapper's "Air Bender" song above.



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