So, this is weird. It's long been rumored that the Notorious B.I.G. wrote Lil' Kim's early songs. While most hip-hop heads have long embraced the rumor as fact, it's always been an interesting premise, considering the nature of Kim's lyrics. But if the thought of Biggie penning lines like "Got buffoons eating my p---- while I watch cartoons" bugged you out, wait 'til you hear him spit them.

Back in the day, when Biggie was writing Kim's lyrics (and apparently the rest of Junior Mafia's, as well), he recorded some reference tracks so that Kim and co. would know how to rap the lyrics he wrote for them. Now several of these reference tracks just surfaced, including a version of 'Queen B----' entirely rapped by Biggie (yes, hooks and all), and a version of 'Player's Anthem' where Big kicks Lil' Cease's verse too.

Check them out here, and though it sounds crazy to hear Biggie spit some of those lines, he gots props from us for being willing to put so much into developing his artists.