Azealia Banks still has no love for TIP. The Harlem rapper (or is it ex-rapper? Former rapper? Whatever.) blasted TIP on Instagram, criticizing him for everything from endorsing Iggy Azalea to playing a slave in the Roots remake to his daughter's recent weapons arrest at Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta.

She seems to have gone after T.I. after the Atlanta rap veteran posted on Instagram about likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and past rape allegations that have resurfaced. In the post, TIP blasted anyone who would vote for Trump.

“Uh-hemm… No means No Sir!!!! If y’all vote for him U voting for the upper echelon of the scum of the earth. This is the fanciest bag of fertilizer the world has to offer.,” wrote Tip as the caption for the post.

In case you missed it, Banks is proudly endorsing Trump. So she went on the attack after T.I.'s bit of commentary.

"Someone PLEASE take the thesaurus away from t.i…. Real sweet coming from the guy who is 5’2″, endorsed a runaway slave master, has multiple felony weapon convictions, let’s his kids carry guns, and publicly threatens women with physical harm….. Real sweet," Azealia Banks wrote on Instagram in a post that has been deleted.

“No one should be looking to t.i for insight of any kind. #trump2016," Banks wrote. "You guys come hard at me for my opinions but so many of these rap dudes have terrible past lives and can barely string a sentence together. Ask yourselves who the real bad role model is...Sorry, this is sidebar and I’m TOTALLY being a petty hater (lol) but t.i is literally an idiot , i love picking on him, and he and everyone else needs to know that I am 10x more intelligent than he is or ever will be."

Check out a screenshot of Banks' latest anti-TIP rant below.

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