Azealia Banks is not afraid to express her opinions on Twitter, which sometimes get her into a lot of trouble. On Saturday (May 7), the Harlem rhymer announced that she is endorsing GOP candidate Donald Trump to be our next president. Of course, this sent the Twitterverse into a tailspin.

In a series of tweets (via Billboard), Banks told her fans why she is supporting the real estate tycoon as oppose to the Democratic hopefuls Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

"I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election," she tweeted, "Everything i predicted is Happening. I told you guys Bernie Sanders didn't have the clout. I told you all he wasn't going to be the nominee."

"Hillary has been GROOMED for the presidency. She's another one of the establishments robots here to carry out an agenda," she continued. "Trump is an asshole but he's not been groomed and programmed on some mkultra tip to DO & SAY what the establishment wants him to."

While Banks conceded that Trump can be racist at times, the rapper feels that the 69-year-old entrepreneur wants what's best for the country, unlike Ms. Clinton.

"Trump just wants the U.S to be lavish.... for all of us. I can f--- with that," she wrote. "Hillary talks to black people as if we're children or pets. I can't stand herrrrrrr."

When a fan responded that "Trump is blatantly racist," she admitted that she can be "racist" too. "Racism/Racialism is sewn into the fabric of our nation. It's just who the f--- we are," she tweeted.

Banks was then hit with an onslaught of negative responses for her Trump endorsement. The "212" rapper replied back with, "Every1 is entitled to their own f---ing opinions. If someone thinks i'm a n----- they are ENTITLED to their thoughts."

However, Banks' remarks couldn't stop fans from dragging her on Twitter. One fan tweeted, "Azealia Banks is the one musician I REFUSE to listen to. She strives off of negative attention, and I'm not gonna support that behavior." Another person commented, "Azealia Banks is nothing but bad luck so maybe her endorsing Trump is good for us."

If you want to read Banks' entire Twitter rant click here. You can check out fans' reactions below.

What do you think of Azealia Banks' endorsement of Donald Trump? Is she crazy or on-point? Tell us in the comments below.

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