An Australian teen is currently facing charges for offensive behavior, after he was arrested for listening to rap music in public. Nineteen-year-old Nathan Michael Wilkie was scooped up by Australian police officials in Timboon, Victoria while playing music by underground rapper Kid Selzy on his car stereo. Police officials explained to the court that they found the music to be "offensive and derogatory to women."

According to Australia's Herald Sun, Wilkie will likely be the first person to be penalized under Australian law for listening to "offensive" music, but his family isn't taking the charge lightly. The teen's mother reached out to rapper, Kid Selzy, via his MySpace page, explaining that her son had been arrested while helping his mother with grocery bags.

An outraged Selzy, says that he plans to attend Wilkie's hearing in June to support him. "It's a joke that some kid's been arrested for doing something that's not illegal," Selzy said. "It's not illegal to have your windows down or to buy a CD. It seems to be a waste of taxpayer's dollars."

When the cops first approached him about the music, Wilkie allegedly told them "You're a joke, go do some real police work." The teen said that he was thankful to have the rapper on his side as he fights the absurd charge. "I am grateful to have Kid Selzy's support as this charge is a reflection on his music, that is not supposed to be offensive in any way." he said.

The Wilkie's lawyer Amanda Chambers says that the teen will plead not guilty at his June 11 hearing. Police officials plans to use songs from Kid Selzy's recent album 'The Creepshow,' as support for their case.

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