Apparently the days of sliding your mixtape to the friend, of a friend, of a friend of your favorite rapper in hopes of getting signed are long gone. Who needs that old game when you have Soundcloud? Or you know, the ability to rob one of Rick Ross's Wingstops?

Yep, an aspiring rapper in Memphis robbed a Wingstop on Union Avenue in hopes of getting the attention of Rick Ross, according to general manager Elma Allen.  Memphis news affiliate, WREG, showed the surveillance video of the attempted robbery on Friday and the suspect, Cedric Miller, 23, was identified in a line up by a Wingstop employee on Monday.

According to WREG, the guy said that he's an aspiring rapper and somehow believed robbing the man he wants to be his boss was a good idea. Maybe he took Kendrick Lamar's "Duckworth." entirely the wrong way?

At any rate, he remains unsigned. There's no word on if Rick Ross has seen the video.

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