No one interviews rappers -- or indeed, anyone -- quite like Nardwuar the Human Serviette, and in a recent Q&A (video below), the wacky Canadian TV personality went head to head with yet another famous MC, Asher Roth.

Theirs was a predictably hilarious chat, and in addition to giving the weed-loving rhymer a handful of records -- including Cheech & Chong's Big Bambu, which comes complete with rolling papers -- Nardwuar delved deep into his subject's past, showing the extent to which he'd done his homework.

At one point, he asks about the game of strip poker Roth played as a teenager with his then-girlfriend and one of her gal pals. After they got busted, the kids called into a local radio station to talk about it.

"How did you find that one?" asks an utterly amazed Roth. "That's a good one!"

Elsewhere, the "I Love College" MC talks about getting free slippers from Puff Daddy, recording with tireless producer Pharrell and watching Justin Bieber serenade a cougar at Ludacris' fusion restaurant.

Watch the full interview below.

Watch Nardwuar's Interview With Asher Roth

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