Asher Roth is back for another Hash Wednesday — as he calls it — and this time he delivered a one-verse-song called "More Or Less," produced by Nottz.

As usual, Mr. Roth shows impressive lyrical dexterity, probably leaving many to wonder why he's not a bigger artist.

"Catch me in the early summer on a peak in Indonesia / Tweaking on my inner-being, concentrating on my breathing / While you off center b----- acting like a child teething / This is meaningless, either that or dude's a f------ genius / Chances are your girlfriend probably touched me on my penis / Hedonist, if I don't even like it in the tiniest," he spit.

Some might agree that Roth's career has been sort of an enigma, seeing that he shot quickly to fame, then stepped out of the spotlight, which he talked about.

"I shied away from celebrity and from being a product," the rapper told ViperMag. "After Asleep in the Bread Aisle and the success of 'I Love College,' which was awesome, they started to cater it to more vanilla, mainstream, white music and that wasn't the stuff I wanted to do. I didn't want to be famous. I wanted to make music and be part of entertainment and connect with people."

That's pretty refreshing to hear, isn't it? You can listen to Roth's "More or Less" single below.

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