Pennsylvania-born, suburb-fleeting rapper Asher Ross is back with another video, once again teaming up with director Luke Tedaldi and artist Chris Hunt who worked on his Big Lebowski-inspired video for 'Gotta Get Up.' In his latest heavily stylized adventure for 'Last Man Standing,' Roth runs around a dark, dilapidated mansion and fighting a series of fierce enemies, comic-book style.

For Akon fans awaiting to see the R&B singer's cameo, he chimes in with a survival-inspiring chorus, piped in through as a distorted, digital projecting that disintegrates into clouds of swarming pixels.

See Roth battle a gang of frat boy types, "shark" music business people in suit disguises and the greatest enemy of them all ...

Roth's new album 'Is This Too Orange' will feature guest spots by the Game, Swizz Beatz and pop act Justin Bieber's hip-hop alter-ego Shawty Mane. Talk about a motley crue.

Watch Asher Roth's 'Last Man Standing' Featuring Akon